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    Brass has been lightly polished on this piece, but no other restoration was done.

    This is an old tradesman’s spring sale that almost certainly hung in a shop somewhere.  This one has a seal at the top saying it is approved by New York City so odds are good that was where it came from.  Fully marked.  Has a loop for hanging from a shop sealing and a hook for a weighing basket or items.  Still surprisingly accurate (not perfect by any means but we tried it at 15 and 30 lbs and it came in darn close both times).

    Marked:  “Warranted and Made by F. Forschner New York” on main brass face up above the scale itself and right above that is a small 1/2” round seal that reads “Approved type 34 Serial D New York City

    Body is 16” 1/2 x ~ 3” 5/8.  Width ~ 2” 1/4.  Hook roughly 4” 1/2 long.

    Lightly polished on the brass but otherwise untouched.

    $80 shipped

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