J. J. Blow

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  • Sold unrestored but cleaned off a bit.

    This is a VERY special old tabletop churn and a rare one, in fact the only other one I can find is available on the other side of the pond for more than I’m charging for this one and that one is priced in POUNDS!  This old blue top churn is in excellent shape and could be used to make butter with just a quick wash or it could be one of those decorative pieces that designers and restauranteurs are always dying to find..Made in Chesterfield England this piece appears to date from right around 1900-1920.  Two bladed churn.

    Has the original blue and white label which is in excellent shape reading “Blow Butter Churn. J.J. Blow LTD Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield England)

    Cleaned off but but otherwise unrestored

    $165 shipped

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