About Us

Well, what can we really say?  For those of you who know us personally, or know us through Facebook, you already have some idea who we are.  Two cast iron enthusiasts who love to cook, believe that food tastes better when made on or in cast iron, and who love the beauty and craftsmanship of vintage iron.

We’re both collectors and that’s how this really all started.  We were both buying pieces that we loved and showing them off to each other.  Then one day it dawned on us, we were buying and restoring more iron than either of us really could keep.  So we decided to start sharing it with some others.

We do think it’s important.  Cast iron has history, it tells a story, it connects us to generations past, and allows us to feed friends and family in the present, and into the future.  It’s part of a heritage we want to protect.

And that’s what we do.  We restore, we preserve, and share.  We think of ourselves as caretakers, saving pieces from ending up as scrap and refreshing them, giving them back their purpose and putting them into the hands of people who’ll want them and love them.

Old American cooking  iron is something special, something that should be treasured and never allowed to end up in the scrap heap of history.  Try one of these old fashioned cast iron skillets, the original “non-stick” skillets and you’ll be as sold as we are.


Jonathan Leshanski and Henry Childs.