AC (European)

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    Please note all pictures on our site are of the actual piece you will receive, not a stock photo of a similar piece.  Additionally all our pieces unless marked otherwise are fully restored and seasoned.  Just wash them and start cooking.

    This is a sexy, sexy little pan, gorgeously cast (among the nicest castings I’ve seen) and a mystery to boot. It was a mess when we found it, and even then we were intrigued. After all we had no idea who A.C. was but the pan was clearly old, and had a separately cast handle that was later peened into place. Determination of origin came from the #4 size – a European sizing for older cooking pots. Extensive research has shown this to be French made. Cooking surface is very lightly textured, as it was smoothed but not stone polished. Sits dead flat.

    Marked: “4 AC”  with the AC in a stylized font, inside a cartouche style logo on the bottom of the pan.

    10” 3/4 diameter

    Cleaned via lye method, hand buffed and seasoned with 3 layers of non-GMO canola oil.

    No cracks, chips, or wobble when tested on a sheet of glass.   Cooking surface is lightly textured.  Will only get better and smoother with with use.

    $110 shipped

    As always we are happy to take back pieces if you are not 100% satisfied.  (Please see return policy)