Alexanderwerks (German)

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    Unrestored.  Sold as found.  All original.

    Alexanderwerks is a foundry started in 1885 in Germany.  The founder Alexander von der Nahmer, brought back the idea of a hand cranked meat grinder from America and decided to make his own in his factory in Germany.   They made a lot of home kitchen products including meat grinders (yes, we have some if you’d like) and this fruit juicer which is pretty cleverly designed, with the juice coming out one end and the pulped fruit out another (near the crank).  These in German are called beerenpress, which may have something do with brewing, or maybe with berries.  Alexanderwerk is still in business today.

    Marked:  “Alexanderwerk 376”

    15” x 11”


    In great shape.  Clean it and use it.

    $50 shipped

    As always we are happy to take back pieces if you are not 100% satisfied.  (Please see return policy)