Griswold - Symbol Ware

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    Outstanding condition ready to use.  Sold as found.  Just wash it and start using

    Griswold participated in the midcentury modern design era by hiring designer Peter Muller-Munk to design cast aluminum pots with a distinctive wing handle design and a rather unique design on the bottom leading to the style being called Symbol Ware.  This is a beautiful dutch oven slightly deeper than your standard #8 dutch oven.  Comes with the original high dome lid.  Really just needs a washing before it can be put right to use.  Someone is going to love this.  Could be polished up to gorgeous if you were so inclined.  Has the Griswold sunburst pattern on the bottom that was typical of the Symbol Ware.

    Marked:  “Griswold R 98” on the bottom of the base.

    10” 5/8 diameter (excluding handles) x ~4” 7/8 tall.

    Sold as found.

    $75 shipped

    As always we are happy to take back pieces if you are not 100% satisfied.  (Please see return policy)