Havard (France)

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  • Item 1873
    Sold as found but looks like it just needs a good cleaning to be used.

    Havard made copper pans in Normandy starting in 1865 through at least the 1960s.  I think this is  bit of a later one based on the brass handle, machine made peens, and that there are no telltale signs of dovetailing.  Bottom is hand hammered.   I’d date the pan to 1940-1965 based on my knowledge, but there is definitely  little wiggle room of about a decade or two.  2mm thick walls.  Should be a great user.

    Marked “Havard Made in France” up on the wall near the handle.
    8” 3/4 diameter, 4” 1/2  deep, 8” handle

    Unrestored.  Sold as found.

    $90 shipped

    As always we are happy to take back pieces if you are not 100% satisfied.  (Please see return policy)