Terms and Conditions

Terms of sale.

Please know that you are not receiving a brand new pieces*, but restored vintage cast iron (or other kitchenware) that has been cleaned and refurbished to return it to as close to new** as possible, so that you can enjoy the quality of classic cooking iron.  Depending on what you order, you could be choosing pieces that may date back to before the Civil War.

The pan will possibly show some of it’s history and have some surface scratches or other markings, and it may not be perfectly glassy smooth on the cooking surface.

While we keep our standards for cleaning and seasoning pieces, variation in the seasoning is normal, some areas may be darker than others, and even some spotting is possible.  Seasoning unevenness typically works itself out with regular use.   Check the photos – all photos to examine the seasonings on the pieces you are considering.

What you see in the photos is what you will get.  We do not substitute pieces without your permission. Please examine all photos and the description carefully and ask any questions before your purchase.

While we do offer 100% refund policy on returned pieces, there are terms and conditions to that policy.  Please take a minute to read and understand those policies before purchasing.

* Unless specified as new.

**Except in the cast of pieces being sold in as found condition.